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What I Believe

I believe that everyone is created equal, and that those who are more fortunate than others must treat those others with equity and justice. Those who are vulnerable in this world, especially women and children, must be treated with the same respect that is visited on others. The earth’s resources may be scarce, and getting scarcer, but every human being, especially children, must be given the opportunity to make something of themselves, to develop themselves to their full potential, so they also can in turn help others less fortunate. No one born into poverty must be allowed to live and die in poverty.

– Tunde Adefioye.

what tundeadefioye believe about Osun State

My Vision for Osun State

Babatunde was born in Osun State Nigeria, and predictably, Osun State, and Ile-Ife hold a special place in his heart. In 2019, his zeal and passion to serve compelled him to go into politics, where he contested the Nigerian General Elections as a Senatorial candidate for the Accord Party in the Osun East Senatorial District, and came third.

Good Governance

Good governance starts primarily with the most basic obligation of a government

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Education for All

Education is the bedrock of development. An uneducated and ignorant

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Jobs and Unemployment

The removal of hope from any individual turns such an individual into a ticking time bomb.

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Roads & Transportation

The absence of viable infrastructural services has turned the country into an essentially

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Good Medication

This is but a by product of the provision of good health facilities

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Justice, Security and The Law

Nigeria’s record of human rights abuses speaks for itself, and the litany of warnings

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Adefioye Foundation:

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Professional Life

Architectural Design, Property Development, Infrastructural Engineering, Value Engineering, Design Optimisation, Project Management, Strategic Innovation.


Our vision is to help build a community that offers opportunities, promotes self worth and supports the attainment of personal and communal goals.


Creating an enabling environment for growth in all aspects of life, while championing the provision of the tools necessary for the achievement of the goals.

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