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Professional Work

Babatunde established Geomatrix Nigeria Limited in 1995, and in 1999 established Geomatrix Design/Build Limited in England, at which he was director, until 2018.
Geomatrix Nigeria Limited has been privileged to be involved in numerous projects in Nigeria. 

In England, Geomatrix has been privileged to carry out a range of design and construction commissions to date.

Geomatrix Projects Limited was set up in England in 2018, and continues to carry out important projects.
Babatunde has worked not just in England, but along the west coast of Africa, establishing Geomatrix Sierra Leone in 2009.

Geomatrix Sierra Leone has been involved and instrumental in the design and construction of several projects in Sierra Leone. 

Geomatrix LLC was established in Atlanta Georgia in the United States of America in 2016, and is heavily involved in property development and bespoke design and build.The company was primarily set up to take advantage of the vibrant property market in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a rapidly expanding company, and is set to take it’s place in the roll call of successful Property Development companies in the state of Georgia.

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Professional Life

Architectural Design, Property Development, Infrastructural Engineering, Value Engineering, Design Optimisation, Project Management, Strategic Innovation.


Our vision is to help build a community that offers opportunities, promotes self worth and supports the attainment of personal and communal goals.


Creating an enabling environment for growth in all aspects of life, while championing the provision of the tools necessary for the achievement of the goals.

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