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Good Medication

This is but a by product of the provision of good health facilities such as hospitals, dispensaries and such like. The current hospitals were built generations ago, and have been poorly maintained and equipped to such an extent that needless deaths due to poor facilities and equipment is the order of the day, and many health professionals have left the government establishments and even the country, for greener pastures.

This is another area that the government must pay urgent attention to, as an unhealthy nation is an unproductive nation. This situation is rendered totally unacceptable by the sad fact that government officials, even at the very highest level, go aboard to seek medical attention even for the most benign of ailments.

This should be seen as a source of national shame and embarrassment for the government and the country in general, and concerted efforts must be made to effect a turnaround in this most important area of life.

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Professional Life

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