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Good Governance

Good governance starts primarily with the most basic obligation of a government, i.e. the safeguarding and security of life and property of the populace, regardless of their political leaning. The Nigerian government at the moment is falling far short in this regard at all levels, especially with the Fulani herdsmen issue proving a difficult problem for the government to solve. Against this backdrop of insecurity, it is virtually impossible for the country to develop, and coupled with this is the issue of corruption and nepotism, of which the current government has been incessantly accused. Nigeria needs to raise men and women of integrity and high moral standing, who are prepared to do what it takes in sacrifice, in order to get the country to a level of development that befits a country of about 200 million people, with the resources that it has.

Babatunde’s view is that corruption is at the root of Nigeria’s problems, and this does not start with the government itself, as it has become a way of life in the country, where every apparatus of government and governance, has been dismantled on the altar of greed and personal gain.

In order to chart a way forward, Nigeria and Nigerians must undergo an attitudinal change, which will compel us to elect people of high moral standing, and then be able to demand from them a high degree of accountability. This however must come from the people themselves, as the government is only a snapshot of the society at large, and the culture that it espouses.

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