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Road and Transportation

The absence of viable infrastructural services has turned the country into an essentially unproductive country, where time, that most valuable of commodities, is of no importance, and millions of dollars are lost daily due to foreseeable and avoidable failures and shortcomings in the fabric of the society. The epileptic telephone systems ameliorate the problem somewhat, in that it is easier now that a few years ago to carry out business conversations, as face to face meetings are not compulsory in the main. However, where this is avoidable, especially in work commutes, farm produce transportation, and other essential daily travel, hours and hours of valuable time is lost due to the lack of good roads, road networks and viable mass transportation methods.

Many lives have been lost to road accidents due to dangerous roads, and Nigeria is hemorrhaging its human resources to this ridiculous and entirely avoidable malaise.

The government must tackle the issue of bad roads, as that alone is the bane of efficient transportation in the country, as it also gives rise to poor driving a,d high levels of vehicle maintenance in an economy that already cannot support even modest levels of maintenance.

picture of roads and transportatio in osun state

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