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Justices, Security and The Law

Nigeria’s record of human rights abuses speaks for itself, and the litany of warnings and bad reports issued against the government by bodies such as Amnesty International, and foreign countries, speak to the darkness of the soul of the country and the government in this area.

Nepotism, lopsided appointments, blatantly unpunished corrupt practices, repeated kidnappings, killings, robberies and other sundry crimes go unremarked and unpunished in the country, especially for those who are of a particular political or ethnic persuasion.

Nigeria at this moment is teetering on the brinkof civil destabilization due to the disaffection being suffered by large swathes of the population who feel marginalized in the general scheme of things.

The government needs to wake up to its responsibility in this regard before the situation degenerates further.

Good Governance

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Jobs and Unemployment

The removal of hope from any individual turns such an individual into a ticking time bomb.

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Roads & Transportation

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Good Medication

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