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Adefioye Foundation

In 2018, Babatunde established Adefioye Foundation in Nigeria. The principal aim of this Foundation is for the welfare and emancipation of women especially Widows, the welfare and education of orphans and the empowerment of youths. The Foundation holds an annual event where food items and business startup funds are distributed to carefully screened widows and youths. These events are usually over subscribed and a huge success, reaching far and wide into Osun State, beyond Ife and it’s environs.

Women’s groups called Adefioye Sisters have been set up in Ife and Ijesha, to be at the vanguard of welfare and advocacy for suffering and disenfranchised women.

Tundeadefioye welfare and empowerment foundation

Annual Youth Conference

In conjunction with our partners such as Ajilesoro Foundation, Adefioye Foundation is concluding plans to hold an annual Youth Conference in Osun State. This event will seek to articulate the current state of lack of education, joblessness and lack of opportunities for our youths, and put forward possibilities which will provide solutions to these issues, so we can restore hope to our youths, who need to be adequately equipped to take their place in society now, with a view to leading the nation in the near future.

The program will have keynote speakers who will address the youths on issues of civics, ethics, hard work, the importance of discipline, among other virtues. The Foundation will seek to partner with benefactors who will offer employment, vocational training and job creation to the youths, including business startup loans and grants


Professional Life

Architectural Design, Property Development, Infrastructural Engineering, Value Engineering, Design Optimisation, Project Management, Strategic Innovation.


Our vision is to help build a community that offers opportunities, promotes self worth and supports the attainment of personal and communal goals.


Creating an enabling environment for growth in all aspects of life, while championing the provision of the tools necessary for the achievement of the goals.

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