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Osun State Senatorial Elections.


2019 Babatunde, under the party banner of the Accord Party, took part in the General Elections as a senatorial candidate in the Osun East Senatorial District.
Having never partaken in politics before then, it was an seen as an opportunity to get into the upper echelons of government, and to use the possibility of enhanced influence, widened catchment and improved resources to help bring his wealth of experience in the marketplace to bear on revitalising governance and making it more relevant to the people, and delivering the much needed dividends of democracy.
The Accord Party came third in the elections behind the two big, mainstream parties, and the whole experience will serve as a stepping stone for Babatunde to answer the call again in the near future if he is asked to do so.
Fittingly, as a result of his participation and performance in those elections and having been impressed by his performance, Babatunde was subsequently invited by the PDP (People’s Democratic Party) and formally inducted into the party in his native Ife in Osun State.
The future is very bright, as he seeks to use his business experience, humanitarian zeal and fledgling political profile to improve the lot of his people in Osun State, and by extension Nigeria.

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