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Tundeadefioye opinion about gold mining in Osun State Nigeria

This has been a divisive issue in the city, and it is merely a reflection of the society itself, in that many sectors of the economy are unregulated, or not properly monitored, and are therefore open to abuse. A situation where foreigners are sponsored to come into our farms and indiscriminately dig up private farmland in the name of mining, is unacceptable, and blame for that can only be laid squarely at the door of the so called custodians of the land, from the IDB, through to the chiefs, and even the palace. Silence from any quarter connotes acquiescence, and our leaders must not only do their duties, they must be seen to be doing so.
Importing foreigners into our midst unchecked sets a very dangerous insecurity precedent, and more that that, the destruction of properties is causing disaffection in the land, not to talk of the carting away of Ife’s common wealth in the gold ore that is being so crudely mined.
I believe the palace has the most to do here, to protect the city and it’s indigenes, and also give reassurance that we will not continue suffering economic loss.
In spite of these indiscriminate, sometimes criminal acts, no discernible development traceable to gold mining can be seen in Ife, and this is a sad indictment on those who are the custodians, self styled or otherwise, of all that Ife holds dear.
If mining has to be carried out, it has to be regulated, and Ife sons and daughters need to be employed in these mining companies, and that should be a prerequisite to getting a mining licence.
Compensation must also be given to all whose properties have been damaged, similar to what oil companies do in the delta region.
A resource that should be a blessing to us must not be turned into a curse by the greed of a few.


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