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In December 2020, the Foundation held it’s annual event, but on a much larger scale than before, in Ife and Ilesha respectively.
350 widows were catered for, with resources ranging from food parcels, to business startup grants.
This is usually an annual event by the Foundation, and it became necessary due to the increasingly desperate plight of these women, who have no one to cater to their daily or developmental needs, as government policies, though looking good on paper, are not usually implemented to the extent that they would positively impact the lives of the vulnerable, such as the widows.
Interventions like this are usually common in the run up to elections, and the politicians use them to curry favour with the electorate.

Adefioye Foundation is not based on politics of any sort, and it caters to the needs of all vulnerable people, especially women and children.
The turnout was really impressive, and the hope is that those women that got startup funds will utilise them effectively, so that their families’ lives would be better.
Adefioye Foundation also engages youth in vocational training with startup funds, sports activities, by supporting Adefioye Babes, a football club generated from the grassroots youths.


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