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Tunde Adefioye during End SARz

On October 21, 2020, I participated in the End SARS protests in London, and joined the march to the Nigerian Embassy in London as well as Downing Street, in order to register our disapproval of how the Nigerian government treated its young citizens who were peacefully protesting police brutality in Nigeria, and demanded that the government change its ways, and provide not just security and hope for the youths, but viable employment opportunities as well as equity in how they are treated.
Some of the treatment meted out to the protesters in Nigeria was reprehensible, and in many cases constituted a crime by the government on its own citizens.

The various commissions created to sit and hear cases of maltreatment have not come back with any results as yet, with many expecting the matter to die a natural death, as is always the case in Nigeria.
My belief is that, in order to get the government Nigerians deserve, Nigerians, especially the impoverished ones, must resist every attempt at financial inducement whether to sell their votes, or to be used as agents of destabilisation during elections. This happens every four years, and the wrong government is ‘voted’ in, bringing the inevitable four year cycle of suffering.


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